Happy 2017! I don’t know what it is about starting a new year, but a lot of conversations I’ve had with those close to me have been about relationships and love. Randomly my roommate and I starting talking about the qualities we look for. Last night we were standing out by the edge of the field behind our house while my brother burned some foliage. The conversation we had was brought up again when I jokingly said to my brother, “how will I know how to be treated if you don’t show me how to be loved? Anyone who knows my family knows how much we love each other. Any day off I have is spent with them, and they make up most of my favorite memories. My oldest brother and I share the same two love languages, which results to a goodnight hug every night. Even when we get frustrated with each other, we basically force the hug until the other person truly means it. Sometimes the love from family doesn’t quench the desires of your heart, so you seek it from someone else. You seek it from friends or a significant other, but what happens when that runs out? They betray you, move away, or life just happens. 

Even if the mountains walk away and the hills fall to pieces, my love won’t walk away from you.

Isaiah 54:10MSG

 The past few months I’ve dedicated most of my time to reading the Bible from cover to cover. My understanding of God’s immense love for me grew each day I spent in the Word. I began to see the proof of His love throughout my day. Just like I said life happens. I have had my share of heart break, but looking back I can see God’s hand in all of it. I cannot even imagine where I would be right now if I had what I thought I wanted. Like one of my favorite songs says, “thank God for unanswered prayers.”

I am surrounded by people who speak love and truth in my life. Not only do I have them, but I have the example that Jesus set through the way He lived His life. My prayer for those reading this is that they would truly understand how it feels to be loved by God. 

You are loved, so rest in His love.

~Kristen Kramer~


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