Rest. Something I should be getting right now at 1:00 in the morning, especially after a long day. Well not really long, it just seemed like it was long because I had a migraine and was crunched for time before our Monday night life group. My migraine hit right before I left work, and I texted my roommate and asked her if she could find a podcast for us to listen to instead of doing our normal bible study. I did not have the time (more like I forgot) to type up notes and the video transcript for our study this week. I also wanted to cancel because I just felt rushed and not in my right mind. Oh how God wrecks you.

Tonight we listened to a Podcast called Slowing Down. Rick Warren and his colleagues hit on some major key points regarding rest. When we are in a hurry 1) We feel more stressed, 2) We lose our Joy, 3) We become less productive, and 4)We can’t hear God.

What I consider to be my life verse is Psalm 46:10

“Be still and know that I am God”

He used the word SLOW as an acronym to provide examples on how to slow down your life so you can hear God.

Stop the constant push for more!

Learn to say NO!

Obey the 4th Commandment!

Wait for God’s timing!

After we ended our life group for the rest of the night I kept humming this song that I just love by Casey Darnell. It is called Power in Your Name.

“In You we find our hope in times of hopelessness. In You we find the light in the times of darkness. When we are tired, in your presence, there is rest. For all who come, for all who come. There is power in Your name. There is mercy there is grace. Where the weary soul finds rest in the presence of Jesus. There is love that never fails, no matter how dark my God prevails. In our weakness there is strength in the presence of Jesus.”

Now back to present time, 1:45AM. I am wide awake, because I just finished up my quiet time. I’m reading through Job right now during my challenge of reading the entire bible before the end of the year. Another reason why I needed tonight’s message is because even though I have a plan made to accomplish my goal, I tend to skip it because I feel like I have no time. However if I examine what I am doing with my time then it turns out I  really do have the time. I just choose to do something else.

Okay back to my point, before I started reading tonight I was exhausted and my head was hurting. However, just like every night, once I start reading (or let’s be honest listening) I am in my most relaxed state. The only thing that compares to that sense of peace and rest is when I’m sitting on them beach watching the waves crash over the shore. In Him I truly find rest!

I find God’s timing lately to be impeccable. I woke up this morning contemplating how I was going to adjust my lifestyle to Rest in Him daily. In the mail I received my Faithbox, and in it I received a Liturgical Planner. A planner designed to cultivate peace, presence, and purpose. Talk about a prayer answered in less than 24 hours! Here’s to finding Rest in 2017!

How can you slow down your life? Just ask God for his guidance! 

~Kristen Kramer~


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